District Information

Lakota Local Schools serve approximately 1100 students in Sandusky, Seneca, and Wood Counties. Many extra-curricular activities are available for children of all ages.  Lakota Schools also offer gifted and special education services.  Some services are provided in conjunction with the North Point Educational Service Center.   


Parents can learn more about Ohio's Learning Standards by visiting the Ohio Department of Education page:  https://education.ohio.gov/Parents.

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Lakota Local Schools makes its official logos available to staff, community members, and media partners. The logos are considered the property of the school district and should only be used for purposes that will promote the goals of the institution.

School Colors

Prominent and bold colors are the heart of the Lakota Local Schools brand. Below are the HEX and RGB color codes for the district's official school colors.

Lakota Navy Blue

Lakota Navy Blue

HEX: #012b5d

RGB: rgb(1,43,93)

Lakota White

Lakota White


RGB: rgb(255,255,255)

Lakota Grey

Lakota Grey

HEX: #ada9a8

RGB: rgb(173,169,168)