Lakota Athletics

5200 CR 13

Kansas, OH 44841

Athletic Coordinator: Kevin Yeckley

Assistant Athletic Director (Fall): Adam Huffman

Assistant Athletic Director (Winter/Spring): Ty Ray

Uniforms — Distribution/Collection: Adam Huffman


Athletic Ticket Prices: Updated Aug. 2021

High School Contests:

Adult – $7

Student – $5

Junior High Contests:

All tickets – $5

*Please be advised that some opponents will be offering online ticket purchases.

Lakota Athletic Passes (Updated Aug. 2021)

  • ALL YEAR Family Pass = $350 (Family Pass includes families with school age children, not graduated children.)

  • ALL YEAR Adult Pass = $ 120

  • ALL YEAR Student Pass = $ 60

Passes may be purchased at any home game.

All YEAR includes all HOME high school and junior high events. This does not include Tournaments or Biddy Contests.


Athletic Forms:

2022-23 Physical Form

Transportation Release Form added 4/11/17

All forms must be complete before participating.

Fitness Center:

The Community Weight Room is open to the public, for adults living in the district during the winter months.

The hours of operation will be from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The weight room is located to the east of the main gym. Follow the hallway back past the locker rooms to the corner of the building.

Practice Schedules:

High School Basketball: Boys / Girls
7th/8th Grade Basketball:
Boys / Girls
Biddy Basketball:
Boys / Girls