Lakota Athletics

5200 CR 13

Kansas, OH 44841

Athletic Coordinator: Kevin Yeckley

Assistant Athletic Director (Fall): Adam Huffman

Assistant Athletic Director (Winter/Spring): Ty Ray

Uniforms — Distribution/Collection: Adam Huffman


Athletic Ticket Prices: Updated Aug. 2021

High School Contests:

Adult – $7

Student – $5

Junior High Contests:

All tickets – $5

*Please be advised that some opponents will be offering online ticket purchases.

Lakota Athletic Passes (Updated Aug. 2021)

  • ALL YEAR Family Pass = $350 (Family Pass includes families with school age children, not graduated children.)

  • ALL YEAR Adult Pass = $ 120

  • ALL YEAR Student Pass = $ 60

Passes may be purchased at any home game.

All YEAR includes all HOME high school and junior high events. This does not include Tournaments or Biddy Contests.


Athletic Forms:

2022-23 Physical Form

Transportation Release Form added 4/11/17

All forms must be complete before participating.

Fitness Center:

The Community Weight Room is open to the public, for adults living in the district during the winter months.

The hours of operation will be from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The weight room is located to the east of the main gym. Follow the hallway back past the locker rooms to the corner of the building.